Get Deer to Follow You to Your Tree Stand  

By Marty Prokop

In the newsletter last week, I talked about cover scents. This week I am revealing how to use attractant scents to get deer to follow you to your deer hunting tree stand or deer hunting blind.

First, let’s talk about what scents to use when.

When deer hunting is open, I deer hunt as many seasons as possible.

This means I am archery hunting long before the deer rut begins. During pre-rut few, if any, does are in estrus.

Using deer urine or buck urine, I’ve had great success drawing in nice does for the freezer and big bucks during the pre-rut.

But I wondered about using doe-in-heat scents during the early pre-rut. So I field tested it.

During the pre-rut, the days I used a doe estrus scent, I saw zero bucks.

When I switched back to a plain buck urine or doe urine scent during the pre-rut, I saw more deer.

I feel the bucks were confused or turned off by doe estrus scent when used too early in the deer hunting season.

Marty Prokop Reveals How to Get Deer to Follow You

What is the secret to getting deer to follow you to your deer hunting tree stand or deer hunting blind?

Make sure deer can smell the deer attractant scents you are using. And how can you do that?

As you walk to your deer hunting tree stand or deer hunting blind use drag lines and multiple scent wicks to disperse the deer attractant scents.

I use scent wicks and drag lines with two different scents, one for each of my boots. I use a doe-based attractant scent tied to one boot. I use a buck-based attractant scent tied to the other.

Let me explain. First let’s make sure we are all on the same page by quickly talking basics.

What is a drag line?

A drag line is a three to four foot, fairly heavy-duty string with a scent wick tied on the end of it.

For the drag line, I choose string which is the thickness of bootlace.

Prior to using the string, I make sure it has not been exposed to smells that would be unnatural to deer. I would not use string that has been sitting in an area exposed to household or garage smells.

I purchase two coils of string specifically for drag lines.

When I get it home, I place the two coils of string into two zip-top bags.

I pour a different deer attractant scent into the two bags. In one bag I pour a buck-based deer attractant scent. In the other I pour a doe-based deer attractant scent.

Now another question... what is a scent wick?

It is a small piece of material usually made of cotton felt or wool felt with a hole in it. The hole is where it is tied to the string. They are pretty inexpensive. I purchase scent wicks from the store. But I bet you could also make them, if you desired.

Preparing Your Scent Wicks and Drag Lines

Prepare your scent wicks and your drag lines the day before you go deer hunting.

Cut a three to four foot string for your drag lines from each bag of scent…one from the doe-based attractant bag and one from the buck-based.

Tie one scent wick to one end of each of your strings.

You’ll need two additional, new zip-top bags.

Place the scent wick, now tied to your drag line with the doe-based attractant scent, over the top of one of the new, open zip-top bags.

Pour the doe-based attractant scent, enough to saturate, onto the scent wick that is attached to the drag line with doe-based attractant scent. Let the extra liquid fall into the open bag.

Place the scent wick and drag line into the zip-top bag. Make sure the scent wick is at the bottom of the zip-top bag.

I pour in enough matching deer attractant scent so there is a small amount of liquid remaining in the bottom of the bag around the scent wick.

Through the zip-top bag, hold the scent wick between your index fingers and thumbs. Place pressure and release on the scent wick to make sure you can see the scent wick sitting in and absorbing the remaining deer scent liquid. Seal the bag tightly.

Do the same with the buck-based attractant, scent wick and buck-based drag line.

Let both bags sit overnight. You can place both bags in your hunting pack. You’ll be using them in the morning on the way to your deer hunting tree stand or deer hunting blind.

Marty Prokop Reveals How to Attract Deer with Your Deer Scent Drag Lines

When you are about 150 to 200 yards from your deer hunting tree stand or deer hunting blind, open your zip-top bags. Tie the doe-based drag line to one of your boots with the scent wick trailing and the buck-based drag line to the other.

Let the saturated scent wicks drag behind you as you walk to your deer hunting tree stand or deer hunting blind.

This allows deer to smell both the buck urine and the doe urine scent as they walk on the trail. Deer passing by may be fooled into following the scent trail you left behind and walk right up to your deer hunting tree stand or deer hunting blind. 

Marty Prokop is asked, “What Scent to Use When?”

During pre-rut, I use deer urine and buck urine.

After finding the first scrape of the deer hunting season, I switch from doe urine and buck urine to dominant buck scent and doe-in-heat scent, sometimes called doe estrus.

During the rut phase, follow the steps above using doe-in-heat scent and dominate buck scent as you would doe urine or buck urine during the pre-rut.

Once the rut has begun, using the smells of doe estrus and dominant buck scents just may help attract and hold bucks to your deer hunting area.

Put these deer scent strategies to work for you the next time you head out deer hunting. You could have the big buck of a lifetime walk right up to your deer hunting tree stand or deer hunting blind as he follows a scent trail you left behind.

Good Luck and Great Hunting.

Marty Prokop

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