I Jumped a Deer on the Way to My Deer Hunting Stand...
What to Do?

By Marty Prokop

It never fails.

In the predawn hours, as you are walking to your deer hunting tree stand, you jump a deer. The deer takes off running. What do you do?

Should you stay there and hope the deer comes back when it is legal shooting time? Or should you continue on your way to your deer hunting tree stand?

I’ve had similar experiences on my way out to my deer hunting tree stand.

Here is what I do in similar situations.

Deer like to think they are invisible in low light. During low light, such as near dusk, I’ve walked 20 feet from a deer. Even though it saw me, the deer stood still as if it believed I couldn’t see it.

If you are heading out to your deer hunting tree stand and jump a deer decide whether the deer has winded you, has seen you or is running from some other noise it heard.

If a deer catches your scent, nine times out of ten, it will run for the hills. You may not see the deer again that day.

Always try to have the wind blowing in your face when you are walking to your deer hunting tree stand. This will keep your scent away from deer ahead of you.

Watch the actions of the running deer. If the deer bolts out and slows down to look behind it, chances are you were not seen, and the deer will go about its business. In this case, wait until the deer walks out of sight and proceed to your deer hunting tree stand slowly and quietly.

If the deer bolts and keeps running without looking back, the deer either saw you or winded you. Rarely will you see that particular deer again that day. Regardless, wait until the deer is out of your sight and proceed to your deer hunting tree stand.

Here’s an interesting deer hunting tip on what to do when you are winded by a deer.

This past deer hunting season, I was winded by deer. They ran. I had great success in stopping the deer by using a fawn bleat call.

I have tested the fawn bleat on mature does and younger bucks that winded, heard or saw me. They were running away. They stopped immediately when I used the call. But the fawn bleat call did not work in stopping large bucks.

Overall, when you jump a deer on the way to your deer hunting tree stand and the deer runs for the hills, the choice to keep moving towards your deer hunting tree stand is likely the best option.

Good Luck and Great Hunting.

Marty Prokop


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