Making Sense of Deer Cover Scents 

By Marty Prokop

A deer hunter could spend thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest products. Over the past 24 years I have tried many...some worked great and others went directly to the trash can.

I have been asked by our community about types and styles of deer hunting supplies I use for deer hunting.

So in the next few newsletters I値l talk about deer cover scents, deer attractant scents and bust the myths around high priced and low priced deer scents.

In this newsletter, I値l talk about deer cover scents.

In the next week痴 newsletter, I値l reveal a great, little-known secret for how to get deer to follow you to your deer hunting tree stand or deer hunting blind.

The following week we will cover how to attract more deer and bigger deer to your deer hunting tree stand or deer hunting blind once you are there.

And make sure to read the newsletter you値l receive in three weeks about the experiment I did in the field to see if deer attractant scent collected and made from multiple deer or single deer is better.

You値l be amazed.

If you want to read now and not wait, you can go to the blog at and look under the category of deer scents.

So let start uncovering the secret of deer scents.

We start with cover scents...

Marty Prokop is asked, 泥o Cover Scents Really Make a Difference for Deer Hunters?

I have been asked, and often wondered myself, if using deer cover scents really makes a difference to a deer hunter痴 success.

Here is what I found...

I did field tests with and without deer cover scents.

For the first two weeks of bow hunting season, I bow hunted without the aid of cover scents or deer attractant scents. I saw plenty of deer, but none came into range.

The following week I applied a cover scent to all of my deer hunting gear and deer hunting clothing. I chose a cover scent that I felt would work no matter where in the country I was deer hunting.

The first morning, using cover scent, two does walk within 10 feet of me. Why? I believe it was because both deer smelled the cover scent I applied to my clothing and not my human odor.

I continued to apply the cover scent to my deer hunting clothes for the rest of the deer hunting season.

In my personal experience, cover scents work very well as long as you know this most important secret: Make sure the deer hunting cover scent you use matches the scents found naturally in your deer hunting habitat.

For example, if you deer hunt in a pine forest with no oak or acorn producing trees, acorn cover scents may actually alarm the deer in your area and keep them from coming to your deer hunting tree stand or deer hunting blind.

The same holds true if you hunt in an oak forest with no pine trees. A pine cover scent may not be the best choice to use.

Match your deer hunting cover scent to your deer hunting area.

Good Luck and Great Hunting.

Marty Prokop

About Marty Prokop

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Marty Prokop has 24-years experience deer hunting, processing deer for deer hunters and venison sausage making .  Marty Prokop teaches deer hunting, hunter safety, deer processing and deer sausage making classes. Marty Prokop has processed 7,805 deer, field dressed 422 deer and made over 991,990 pounds of sausage, smoked meats and jerky. Marty Prokop worked with Minnesota DNR programs. His deer hunting videos are used in statewide advanced hunter education classes. Marty Prokop is a successful speaker, outdoor writer and published author.

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